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Livro - Futsal Techinque tactics training
The book gives a comprehensive overview of the history of Futsal, its greatest moments and its contribution to the development of soccer idolslike Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.The numerous practical descriptions of match and exercise drills that focus on technique, training and tactics are clearly illustrated with photos and diagrams. Detailed examplesof how structure training sessions and lessons are explained from a pedagogical and learning psychological perspective.The book concludes with strategies and tactics used in top matches as well as the official FIFA rules. This book can also be used as a guide for the introduction of this version of indoor soccer in schools and clubs.The AuthorsVic Hermans has been the national Dutch Futsal coach since October 2001, and since 1991, he has worked as a Futsal coach for FIFA (International Federation of Association Football). He can look back on a long, successful career as a player and coach of both soccer and Futsal.Rainer Engler is the organizer of Germany’s first regional Futsal league. He has worked as a qualified sports psychologist for large soccer clubs for over 20 years.


1. What is futsal?
2. How to plain training sessions
3. Futsal Basic techniques
4. Age group training
- Training for 6-8 years olds
- Training for 8-10 years olds
- Training for 10-12 years olds
- Training for 12-14 years olds
- Training for 14-16 years olds
- Training for 16-18 years olds
- Training for over 18
5. The Goalkeeper
6. Organizational tips
7. Abridged rules
8. Contact addresses
Formato: Capa mole
Nº de páginas: 187
Editado em: 2011
Idioma: Inglês
ISBN: 9781841263045
18,80 € 19,93 €

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